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Tone: [Dbmaj7]
Verse 1:
She could have a[Gbmaj7]anyone in th[Gbm7]the world
[Fm7]Floats around town in a [Em7]golden gown
[Ebm7]Born in a castle[Ab]castle on a cloud
Verse 2:
[Gbmaj7]Prettiest girl that[Gbm7]that I know
[Fm7]Stars in her eyes
Hand p[Em7]picked from the skies
[Ebm7]Beautiful[Ab]Beautiful soul
[Cm7b5]How can I co[F7]compete with her
[Bbm7]Perfection is the on[Bbm7]only wo[Am7]word
[Abm7]I think of when i t[Dbmaj7]hink of Magn[Gb7]olia[Gbm]
[Fm]She doesn’t kno[Bb7]know that the world is [Ebm7]turnin[Ebm7b5]turning just for her
I[Fm7]I wish I [Em7]could[Ebm7] be M[Ebm7b5]agnolia[Dbmaj7]
[Fm7b5]Oooh [Bb7]Oooh [Ebm7] Oooh [Ab]Oooh
Verse 3:
She can move oceans and[Gbmaj7]and rivers wit[Gbm7]with ease
[Fm7]A word from her lips
[Em7]Her sirens kiss
[Ebm7]Will send you straight [Ab]into abyss
Verse 4:
I wish she’d give[Gbmaj7]give her secret[Gbm7]secrets away
[Fm7]Enchants everyone
[Em7]And I think it’d be fun
[Ebm7]To be like her so[Ab]someday
[Cm7b5]But I cannot[F7]cannot compete with her
[Bbm7]Perfection is the on[Bbm7]only wo[Am7]word
[Abm7]I think of when I th[Dbmaj7]think of Magno[Gb7]Magnolia [Gbm]
[Fm]She doesn’t know that th[Bb7]
e world is turning j[Ebm7]ust fo[Ebm7b5]r her
[Fm7]I wish I co[Em7]uld b[Ebm7]e Mag[Ebm7b5]nolia [Dbmaj7]
[Gbmaj7]Magnoli[Gbm7]Magnolia [Dbmaj7]
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Ab Abm7 Am7 Bb7 Bbm7 Cm7b5 Dbmaj7 Ebm7 Ebm7b5 Em7 F7 Fm Fm7 Fm7b5 Gb7 Gbm Gbm7 Gbmaj7 1

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Updated 2024-03-11
Views: 934 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Laufey Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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