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The Other Woman

Tone: [Bb]
Verse 1:
The other [Bb]woman[F] has[Gm] time to manicure her nail[Cm]s,
the other woman[F] is perfect where ri[D]val f[Gm]ails,
and she's never seen with [Cm]pin curls in her [F]hair anywhere. [Fsus4] [F]
Verse 2:
The other [Bb]woman[F] enc[Gm]hants her clothes with french perfume[Cm],
the other woman[F]woman keeps fresh cut flowers [D]in each r[Gm]room,
there are never toys that's s[D]scattered everyw[G]everywhere.
And when her [Cm]old man comes to cal[Gb]call,
he'll find her waiting li[Bb]like a lonesome quee[F]queen. [Gm]
'Cause to be b[C]by her [Csus4]side... [C] is such a ch[Cm]change from old rutine.
Verse 3:
[F]But the other w[Bb]woman [F] [Gm] Will always cry herself to slee[Cm]sleep.
The other woma[F]n will never has his l[D]ove to k[Gm]eep,
and as the years go [Cm]by, the other woman will sp[F]end her life al[Bb]oooooooooo[F]oone[Gm]
a[Cm]looooooone wh[F]o ho hooo, b[Bb]aby... d[F]oo d[Gm]oo ah ah. [Cm]Ah ah, wh[F]oo h[Fsus4]ooo ho [F]
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Updated 2023-03- 8
Views: 185 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Lana Del Rey Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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