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Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?

Tone: [Bm]
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----0-2-0--2-0---0--------0-2-0--2-0---0-----------------------------------| E|---------------2---------------------2-------------------------------------|
[Bm] [F#m] [x4]
[Bm]We all want someone to s[F#m]shout for
Yeah, e[Bm]everyone wants somebody [F#m]to adore
But your h[G]heroes aren't what they seem[Em]seem
When you've been where [Bm]we've been [F#m]
[Bm]Have I done something to [F#m]trigger
[Bm]The funny looks and the s[F#m]sniggers?
Are they t[G]here at all,[Em] or is it just par[Bm]anoia? [F#m]
[G]Everybody's [D]got their[F#m]their box
[G]Doing what they're t[D]told [F#m]
You p[G]pushed my faith near b[D]being [F#m]lost
[G]But we'll stick to the guns
Don't care if it's [F#]marketing suicidal
[F#]Won't crack or compromise
[F#]Your derisory divides
[F#]Will never unhinge us
[Bm] [F#m] [x4]
[Bm]And there's a couple of [F#m]hundred
[Bm]Think they're Christopher Co[F#m]Columbus
But the se[G]settlers had already s[Em]settled
Yeah, long b[Bm]before ya [F#m]
[Bm]Just cos we're having a [F#m]say-so
[Bm]Not lining up to be [F#m]playdoh
Oh, in [G]five years time, will it [Em]be
"Who the fuck's Arctic [Bm]Monkeys?" [F#m]
[G]'Cause everybody's g[D]got their [F#m]box
[G]Doing what they're t[D]told [F#m]
You p[G]pushed my faith near b[D]being [F#m]lost
[G]But we'll stick to the guns
Don't care if it's [F#]marketing suicidal
[F#]Won't crack or compromise
[F#]Your derisory divides
[F#]Will never unhinge us
[Bm] [F#m] [Bm] [F#m]
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|----------4--2--0-------------4--2--0--------------------------------------| A|---2---2---------------2---2-----------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Bm] [F#m]
[Bm] [F#m]
e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--0--2--0--2----0--2----0--2--0----------------0--2----2-2--5--7--9----------| E|---------------------------------2------2--2---------------------------------|
[Bm] [F#m] [Bm] [F#m]
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------9--7--------------------------------------| D|---7--9--7-----------------------------9--7--------------------------------| A|------------9--7------7--9--7----------------7--7h9-7/5--------------------| E|------------------10-------------------------------------------------------|
[Bm] [F#m] [Bm] [F#m]
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---7--7-5--7--7-5--7-5-----------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------5-7-5-7--7-5-7--7-5-2----------------------------|
[C#m](La la la la la, [G#m]la la)
[C#m](La la la la la, [G#m]la la)
[A](La la la la la, [F#m]la la)
[C#m] [-] [G#m]
[C#m]All the thoughts that I j[G#m]just said
Will l[C#m]linger round and multiply [G#m]in their head
Not that [A]mad to start with
I'm not a[F#m]angry, I'm just disapp[C#m]disappointed
[C] [-] [B]
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Updated 2020-03-25
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Author: Arctic Monkeys Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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