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Let's Get Lifted

Em John Legend Em Vote rhythm
Tone: [Em]
[Am7] Woooh oohh, Woooh o[Bm7]oohh
I[Em7]I've got something new for you
When it gets you won't know what to do
[Am7]Relax, let me [Bm7]move you
D[Em7]Don't resist it's in the air
Just one taste will take you there
[Am7]Let it flow right th[Bm7]through you
I [Em7]know you're getting tired of the same old thing
Well, Imma break the rules gonna change the game
Y[Am7]You'll be screaming [Bm7]my name
And[Em7]And I will take you places you never seen
You couldn't picture this in your wildest dreams
D[Am7]Don't fear you're here [Bm7]with me
Let's get L[Am7]Lifted, [Em7]hey (l[Am7](lifted, [Em7]hey)
[Am7]Ooh, I'm gonna get you high
R[Bm7]Really gonna blow your mind
Let's get L[Am7]Lifted, [Em7]hey (l[Am7](lifted, [Em7]hey)
G[Am7]Gonna feel it in your soul
And b[Bm7]baby you will lose control
we'll get l[Em7]lifted (high-igh-igh high-i[Am]high-iiigh)
Ohhh o[Bm7]ohhhh
O[Em7]Once you take a hit of this
You won't ever want to quit
Y[Am7]You'll be so ad[Bm7]addicted
But, I[Em7]I'll have you spinning round and round
Crazy, making freaky sounds
[Am7]You won't want to [Bm7]come down
And then I'll h[Em7]have you seeing things and hallucinating
Even walking funny 'cause your legs are shaking
[Am7]All night we'll be b[Bm7]blazin'
Ooohhh, I'll t[Em7]take you for a walk to the other side
We can get high and enjoy the ride
H[Am7]Hold tight we'll be [Bm7]alright
We'll get [Am7]Lifted, [Em7]hey ([Am7](lifted, [Em7]hey)
[Am7]Ooh, I'm gonna get you high
I'm [Bm7]really gonna blow your mind
We'll get [Am7]Lifted, [Em7]hey ([Am7](lifted, [Em7]hey)
G[Am7]Gonna feel it in your soul
And b[Bm7]baby you will lose control
we'll get l[Em7]lifted (high-igh-igh high-i[Am]high-iiigh)
Ohhh o[Bm7]ohhhh
So come and [Am7]go with [Em7]me
[Am7]Hey, y[Em7]yeah, I'll [Am7]take you there
Come on let me t[Bm7]take you there
I will s[Am7]show you [Em7] Ooohhh [Am7]ooh oh oh oh [Bm7]oooh
I'll [Am7]take you there
Come on let me [Bm7]take you there
I will to [Am7]show yo[Em7]yoooou, show [Am7]you
I'll take you there
Come on let me [Bm7]take you theeere, [Am7]yeah
(So much I want to show you
I'll take you high, Hiiigh-[Bm7]Hiiigh-igh) [Em7]
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Updated 2020-03-16
Views: 30 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: John Legend Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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