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I'm Your Puppet

Tone: [G]
[G] [Am7] [Bm] [Am7] [G]
[G]Pull a s[Am7]tring and I ll w[Bm]ink at[Am7] you
I m your [G]puppet [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[G]I ll do a[Am7]anything if you [Bm]want m[Am7]me to
I m your [G]puppet. [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[Bm]Mmm...I m yours to h[Am7]have and to hold
[Bm]Darling you ve got f[Am7]full control of
your [G]puppet [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[G] [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[G]Pull them little st[Am7]strings and I ll [Bm]kiss your l[Am7]lips
I m your [G]puppet. [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[G]Snap your f[Am7]fingers and [Bm]I ll turn you some f[Am7]filps
I m your [G]puppet. [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[Bm]Mmm...your every wish is[Am7]is my command
[Bm]All you got to do is[Am7]is wiggle your little hand
I m your [G]puppet x2 [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[Bm]I m just a toy, j[Am7]just a funny boy
[Bm]That makes you laugh when you are b[Am7]blue
[Bm]I ll be wonderful, d[Am7]do just what I m told
[Bm]I ll do anything for y[Am7]youuuu
I m your [G]puppet x 2 [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[G]Just pull them little [Am7]strings and I ll [Bm]sing you a s[Am7]song
I m your [G]puppet....mmh ye[Am7]yeah...come [Bm]on, com[Am7]come on
[G]Make me do right or make me do wrong
I m your [G]puppet....mmh ye[Am7]yeah...come [Bm]on [Am7]
[Bm]Mmh...treat me good a[Am7]and I ll do anything
[Bm]I m just a puppet and you [Am7]hold my string
I m your [G]puppet...[Am7]puppet...ooh y[Bm]yes I [Am7]am
I m your [G]puppet [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[G]I m your walking, [Am7]talking, [Bm]living, loving [Am7]puppet
[G]I m hanging on a s[Am7]tring...I[Bm] ll do any[Am7]thing
I m your [G]puppet x 2 [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
[G]Hug you, [Am7]kiss you, [Bm]pick you up and [Am7]put you down
[G]Guess what [Am7]baby....[Bm]baby.... [Am7]
I m your [G]puppet..........[Am7]..........[Bm]yes I a[Am7]m...
I m your [G]puppet..........[Am7]puppet...................o[Bm].........oooh [Am7]
I m your [G]puppet [Am7] [Bm] [Am7]
I m your [G] b[Am7]baby [Bm] [Am7]
Come on c[G]come on come on c[Am7]come on [Bm] [Am7]
yeeeah ye[G]yeah yeyeeeah yeah[Am7]yeah yeah [Bm] [Am7]
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Updated 2020-03-16
Views: 2,883 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Dan Penn , Lindon Oldham Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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