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You & I (Nobody in the World)

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Tone Bm
[D]You fix your make up, jus[A]just so [Bm]
G[Bm]Guess you don't k[A]know, that [F#m]you’re bea[G]utiful
[D]Try on every dress that [A]you [Bm]own
[Bm]You were fine in my e[A]yes, a h[F#m]alf hour a[G]go
[Em]If your mirror won't[G]won't make it
any clearer i[D]i'll
Be the one[D] t[Bass)]o let you[A] k[(strum)]now
Out of a[G]all of the girls
You’re my on[Bm]one and only g[A]girl
Ain't nobod[G]nobody in the world [Bm]tonig[A]tonight
[G]All of the stars, you make them [Bm]shine like they were o[A]ours
[G]Ain't nobody in the world but [Bm]you and [A]i
[Bm]You[A]You and i [G]
Ai[G]n't nobo[F#m]dy in th[Em]e world b[Em7]ut yo[A]u
[D]You stop the room when [A]we wal[Bm]walk in
S[Bm]Spotlight[A]potlights on everybody [F#m]stari[G]ng
Tell all[D] of these boys, they're[A] wasting t[Bm]heir time
Stop sta[Bm]standing in [A]line, cause you’re [F#m]all min[G]mine
A[Em]And this evening I[G]I, won't let the feeling [D]die
I never [A]wa[(strum)]wanna leave your side
[G]Out of all of the girls
You my [Bm]one and only g[A]girl
Ain't n[G]nobody in the world ton[Bm]tonight [A]
[G]All of the stars, you make them shi[Bm]shine like they were [A]ours
Ain'[G]t nobody in the world but y[Bm]ou and i[A]
[Bm]You[A]You and i [G]
Ain'[G]Ain't nobody[F#m]nobody in the [Em]world but[Em7] you and i [A]
[Em]You keep wondering if y[G]you're what I'm wantin[D]wanting
(strum through build-up) G
You don't even have to try
[Bm]You [A]don't have[(D)]have to [G]try
[Bm]Don'[A]Don't try[(D)]try
[G]Don't try
[Bm]You d[A]on't have[(A)] to t[G]ry
[G]Out of all of the girls
You're [Bm]my one and onl[A]only girl
[G]Ain't nobody in the wo[Bm]world t[A]tonight
All [G]of the stars, they don't shine brighter t[Bm]than you [A]are
Ain't[G] nobody in the world but yo[Bm]u an[A]d i[G]
[Bm]You[A]You and [G]I
[Bm]You[A]You and [G]I
[Bm]Nobody in the[A]the world toni[G]tonight
[Bm]Ain't n[A]nobody [D]in the w[Bm]world [G]but [Em(A)]you an[Bm]d i[(one] [strum)]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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