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Beauty And The Beast

Capo on 1st fret
[C]Tale as old as [Fadd9]time, [C]true as it can [G/B]be
[C]Barely even [Am7]friends, [Fadd9]then somebody bends
[C] Just a little[Fadd9]little change, [C]Small to say the l[G/B]least
[Am7]Both a little [Fadd9]scared, neither one pre[Dm7]prepared
[G/B]Beauty and the[C]the Beast
[C]Ever just the [G/B]same,[Fadd9]same, ever a su[G/B]surprise [Fadd9]
[G/B]Ever as before, ever just as[Am7]as sure
As the sun will [Dm7]rise [G/B]
[C]Tale a[Fadd9]as old as time, [C]tune as old as [G/B]song
[C]Bittersweet and [Am7]strange, finding you can [Fadd9]change
[G/B]Learning you were wrong
[C]Certain as the[Fadd9]the sun, [C]rising in the [G/B]east
[Am7]Tale as old as[Fadd9]as time, song as old as [Dm7]rhyme
[G/B]Beauty and the[C]the Beast
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C Fadd9 G/B Am7 Dm7 0
F#m Gadd9 Dsus4 Bm/G C#dim Gm A7 D7 Bm7 Em7 D C#m A A/C# Bm G F# C# 0

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Updated 2019-08-29
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