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Meteor Shower

Fmaj7 Cavetown F Vote rhythm
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern:
[Fmaj7] [F] [G] [Csus2] [Gm7] [Fmaj7] [F] [Fmaj7] [F] [G] [Csus2] [Gm7] [Fmaj7] [F]
I've got [Fmaj7]miles of regrets and [F]confusing friends
But per[G]perhaps it's just my stupid [Csus2]head in the end
Thinkin[Gm7]Thinking should I wait here or [Gm7]make my way home
You sai[Fmaj7]said go (you said go)
[Fmaj7]Making up problems that [F]don't exist
[G]Why do I let myself [Csus2]dream like this
We're [Gm7]floating away, my [Gm7]body's in space
[Fmaj7]We are [F]going home
[F]Missing [C]pieces [Dm]of my [Bb]skull
I'll [F]sew on [C]patches of [Dm]my own [Bb]soul
There's [F]nothing you or [C]I can do so [Dm]let the [Bb]stars fall [F]
Cause from up [C]here the sky's my [Dm]thoughts and we're all [Bb]so
[Fmaj7]Small [F] [G] [Csus2] [Gm7] [Gm7] [Fmaj7] [F]
[Fmaj7]Meteor shower, [F]Quick take cover
But the [G]hues in our hair compli[Csus2]compliment one another
I'd [Gm7]sell my own bones for [Gm7]sapphire stones
Cause [Fmaj7]blue's your [F]favourite colour
[F]Missing [C]pieces [Dm]of my [Bb]skull
I'll [F]sew on [C]patches of [Dm]my own [Bb]soul
There's [F]nothing you or [C]I can do so [Dm]let the [Bb]stars fall [F]
Cause from up [C]here the sky's my [Dm]thoughts and we're all [Bb]so
We're all [Bb]so [F] [C] [Aadd9]
My [Dm]heart and the earth share the same rule
It [Bb]starts with Love and it ends with U
But [F]don't go outside, it's dangerous tonight
With[C]out me right here by[Aadd9] your si[Dm]de
Take it slow, you'll [Bb]know
Which way to [F]go
Sew up your skull
Take your [C]time
And we'll [Aadd9]be just
[F]Fine [C] [Dm] [Bb]
[F] [C] [Dm] [Bb]
[F]Missing [C]pieces [Dm]of my s[Bb]skull
I'll [F]sew on [C]patches of [Dm]my own [Bb]soul
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Updated 2020-02-26
Views: 2,165 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Cavetown Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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