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It's U

Em Cavetown G#m Vote rhythm
Tone: [Em]
Capo: 4
[Em] [EmMaj7] [G] [Cm] [(x2)]
[G] I guess it's just another one of those [Em]nights
When I'll spend way too much [G]time
On something so small that no one [Cm]really cares about at all
[G] I guess it's just another one of those [Em]thoughts
And I can't really find a [G]cause
Whether it's all just in my
mind or [Cm]something more here in my life
It's [G]u it's [Gmaj9]u
Oh god it's [Em]u
It's [A7]u
[G] If you're awake then I am [Gmaj9]too
If you're lost then I'll find [Em]you
If you're hurt then I'll fix [A7]you
[G] If you go blind I'll describe the [Gmaj7]view
If you can't feel then I'll hold y[Em]you
If you fall know I've got y[A7]you
[G] [Gmaj9] [Em] [A7]
And [Em]if you fall d[EmMaj7]down too far and [Em7]I
can't see you [Cm]through these marks
And your [Em]eyes are covered in [EmMaj7]
scars and my [Em7]head's filling with [Cm]tar
Don't [Cm]worry we'll find [Em]another way out
Your sil[Em]silhouette doesn't look quite [Em]right
And I can never find the [G]time
[Cm] To bury my hands in words
[G] I'd grow a [Gmaj7]new kind of evergreen [A7]tree [G]just for you and me
[Em] On second thoughts[Emaj7]thoughts will you even [A7]remember me?
But it's always [G]been u (It's always been u)
It's always [Gmaj9]been u (It's always been u)
It's always [Em]been u (It's always been u)[A7]u)
It's always [G]been u (It's always been u)
It's always [Gmaj9]been u (It's always been u)
It's always [Em]been u
Is it me for [A7]u?
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Updated 2020-02-28
Views: 2,921 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Cavetown Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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