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Boys Will Be Bugs

C Cavetown C# Vote rhythm
Tone chuan C#. Capo 1 choi C
Intro: [C] [G] [E] [F] (X2)
Verse 1:
[C]I'm a dumb teen [G]boy
I eat [E]sticks and rocks and [F]mud
I don't [C]care about the [G]government
And I [E]really need a [F]hug
I feel [C]stupid (stupid)
[G]Ugly (ugly)
Pret [E]end it doesn't [F]bother me
I'm [C]not very [G]strong but
I'll [E]fuck you up if you're mean to [F]bugs
[C] [G] [E] [F] (X4)
Verse 2:
[C]It's getting [G]cold
down here [E]underneath the [F]weather
I skipped [C]class to sit [G]with you
I really [E]like your spotty [F]sweater
If [C]ladybugs are [G]girls
How do [E]you make kids [F]together?
What's it [C]like in a female [G]world
I bet it's [E]just so much [F]better
[D7]I just turned fourteen
[F]And I think this year I'm gonna be mea [C]n
Don't [E]mess with me 'cause I' [F]m
a big boy now and [G]I'm very scary
[C]I [E]punch my walls, stay [F]out
at night, and I [G]do karate
[C]Don't [E]message me cause I [F]
won't reply, I wanna [G]make you cry
[C]Ain't that how its [E]s'posed
to be? Though it [F]isn't me
Boys [G]will be bugs right?
[C] [G] [E] [F]
[C] [G] [E]Boys w [F]ill be bugs right?
Verse 3:
[C]I'm a dumb teen [G]boy
All I [E]wanna do is [F]quit
My mum [C]told me that she's [G]worried
And I [E]couldn't give a [F]shit
I have [C]friends who under [G]stand me
Their [E]names are spider, [F]beetle, bee
They [C]don't say [G]much but
[E]They have always [F]listened to me
Interlude: [C] [G] [E] [F]
Verse 4:
The [C]other boys at [G]school
Think it's [E]cool to hate your [F]parents
But they're [C]lying all the [G]time
The bugs [E]advised that I should [F]let 'em
And [C]if you wanna [G]cry
Make sure [E]that they never [F]see it
Or [C]even better [G]yet
Block it [E]out and never [F]feel it
[C] [G] [E]Boys w [F]ill be bugs right?
[D7]Just turned fourteen
And I [F]think this year I'm gonna be mean
[D7](Just turned fourteen and
I [F]think I know everything)
[D7]Just turned fourteen
And I [F]think I know everything
( [D7]Just turned fourteen and I [F]
think the world revolves around [G]me)
Interlude: [D] [F#] [G] [A] (X2)
[D](re [F#]peat [G]la [A]st chorus)
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