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Capo 1
A E F#m7
Verse 1
[A]I was just [E]born like [F#m7]this
[A]Wish that I could [E]change [F#m7]it
[A]Four peculiar l[E]limbs and a[F#m7]a head that doesn't fit
[A]I wish that I was[E]was still a[F#m7]a kid [D7]
Verse 2
[A]I was just [E]born like [F#m7]this
[A]Doctors knew [E]before I [F#m7]did
[A]There's another [E]snail [F#m7]living with me in my shell
[A]It's fair to say I [E]don't like [F#m7]it [D7]
[A] [D7] [A] [D7] [F#m7] [E]
[A]I'm hanging [D7]out with the [A]bullets in my [D7]mouth
[F#m7]And when you look away I'll [E]spit them out
[A]I'm hanging [D7]out with the [A]foxes and the [D7]hounds
[F#m7]And when I fit in I'll break [E]back out
[A] [D7] [A] [D7] [F#m7] [E] [G] [F#] [F]
[A] [D7] [A] [D7] [G] [F#] [F]
Verse 3
[A]I really hope you've [E]found somet[F#m7]something
[A] [E]Enterta[F#m7]Entertaining
[A]Honestly I've had [E]enough of looking at a [F#m7]dead [D7]man
[A] [E] [F#m7] [E]
[A]I just wanna [E]scrape my knees
[F#m7]Cry until my [D7]mommy sees
[A]Popsicle to [E]make a mess
[F#m7]All over my [D7]Sunday best
[A]Learn everyt[E]everything [F#m7] [D7]
[A]For the [E]first time [F#m7]again [D7]
I just [G]wanna be a kid
I just [A]wanna be a kid
But I [C#7]don't wanna be a k[D]k
id who was [Dm]born like this [A]
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Updated 2021-12-30
Views: 543 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Robin Daniel Skinner (Cavetown) Genre: Pop Favorite: 1
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