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I Really Want You

Am James Blunt Am Vote rhythm
[Am]I really want you
I really want you
[Am]Many Prophets preach on bended knees
[C]Many clerics wasted wine
[F]Do the bloody sheets
and those cobbled streets mean
[G]I have wasted time?
[Am]Are there silver shores on paradise?
[C]Can I come in from the cold?
[F]I killed a man in a far away land
[G]My enemy, I'm told
[Am]I really want you to really want me
But I really don’t know if you
can do that (really want you)
[C]I know you want to know what’s right
But I know so hard for you
to do that (really want you)
[F]Time's running out as it often does
And often dictates that you
can't do that (really want you)
[G]Fate can't break this feeling inside
That's burning up through my veins...
[C]I really want you
[Am]I really want you
[G]I really want you
[F]No matter what I say or [G]do
The [C]message isn’t[C/B]isn’t getting [Am]through
And you’re [F]listening to the [G]sound
Of my breaking [C]heart
[C]I really want you
I really want you
[C]Is a poor man rich in solitude?
[Am]Or will mother earth complain?
[F]Did the beggar pray for a sunny day but
[G]Lady luck for rain?
[Am]They say a million people bow and scrape
[C]To an effigy of gold
I saw [F]life begin, in the ship we're in
And[G]And history unfold
[C]I really want you
I really want you
I really want you
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Updated 2019-11- 5
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Author: James Blunt Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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