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So Long Jimmy

Am James Blunt Am Vote rhythm

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    Tone: [Am]
    [Am]I just can't believe that it's over.
    [C]We were chilling out on the sofa,
    Digging [F]how the guitar goes,
    In a song that no one knows.
    [Em]Did you lick that line yourself,
    Formed in the voodoo magic [Bb]hell?
    Does everyone have a different take?
    Do you seem real but I seem fake?
    Does everyone get hypnotized by your fire
    [C]So long, Jimmy, [Em]so long.
    Though you [Am]only stayed a [C]moment,
    We all [F]know that you're the one. Singing,
    [C]So long, Jimmy, [Em]so long.
    Sure we're [Am]glad for the [C]experience,
    [D]We miss you now you've gone.
    We're just [F]swimming in your soul 'cause,
    [G]We all wish we wrote this song.
    Life goes [Am]on.


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    Updated 2019-11- 7
    Views: 10 Poster: Viet Hoang Le (Viet Hoang Le approved)
    Author: James Blunt Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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