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James Blunt

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[Intro] C C/B Am Am7/G F [Verse1] C C/B Am Oh, before they turn off
Tobi, 6 / 11, 2019 Am Am7 B C C6 D E F G Gsus4 9,057
Verse 1: [C] My life is brilliant [G] my love is pure [Am] I saw an angel [F] of that I'm sure She
Zarker, 29 / 07, 2019 Am C F G 8,111
Verse 1 E C#m Did i dissapoint you, or let you down? A
Bui Nhu Sy, 9 / 09, 2019 A B C#m E G#m 5,914
Verse 1 C Am Em It’s been lonel
Bui Nhu Sy, 9 / 09, 2019 Am C Em F G 3,212
[Intro] Am F C G [Verse1] Am Hey melody F C Ever
Tobi, 4 / 11, 2019 Am C F G 3,136
[1stverse] C Am F C Am F Trouble is her only friend and
Tobi, 5 / 11, 2019 Am C Em F G 2,902
1. [Em] Simona You're getting [D] older your journey's [C] been Etched on your [G] skin [Em] S
Zarker, 7 / 08, 2019 C D Em G 2,704
[Intro] G C Em D G C D Dsus4 [Verse1] G
Tobi, 7 / 11, 2019 Am Bm C D Dsus4 Em G 2,400
Verse 1: Em Bm You don't like it in the shadows C
Tobi, 4 / 11, 2019 A A7 Am Am7 Asus2 B Bm Bsus4 C D D7 Em G 2,281
Verse C Sundays sitting on your back porch G And I came up with a
Bui Nhu Sy, 9 / 09, 2019 Am C D Em G 2,246