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As I Went Out One Morning

Em Bob Dylan F#m Vote rhythm
Capo 2
[Em]As I went out one m[D]morning, to breathe the [Em]air a[D]around Tom [Em]Paine's
I sp[Em]ied the fairest d[D]amsel, that e[Em]ver did [D]walk in [Em]chains
I of[G]fer'd her my ha[Bm]nd, she t[Em]ook me[D] by the [Em]arm
I kn[Em]ew that very i[D]nstant, she m[Em]eant to [D]do me[Em] harm
[Em]Depart from me this[D] moment, I tol[Em]d her wit[D]h my v[Em]oice
S[Em]aid she, "But I don't wis[D]h to, sa[Em]id I, but you [D]have no c[Em]hoice
[G]I beg you, sir, sh[Bm]she pleaded, [Em]from the corners o[D]f her mo[Em]uth
[Em]I will secretly ac[D]cept you, and to[Em]gether we'[D]ll fly sou[Em]th
[Em]Just then Tom Paine, hi[D]mself, came runn[Em]ing from a[D]cross the [Em]field
[Em]Shouting at this [D]lovely girl, and comma[Em]nding he[D]r to yie[Em]ld
[G]And as she was letting go [Bm]her grip, u[Em]up Tom [D]Paine di[Em]did run
[Em]I'm sorry, sir, he sa[D]id to me, I'm[Em] sorry f[D]or what she's d[Em]one
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