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Willie Nelson

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1. [A] When the rain is blowing [E] in your face [G] And the whole world is [D] on your case [Dm]
Zarker, 6 / 08, 2019 A B7 C#7 D Dm E E7 G 12,677
[D] Maybe I didn't [A] love you [Bm] Quite as [D] often as I [G] could have [A] [D] And maybe I d
Zarker, 26 / 07, 2019 A A7 Bm D Em Em7 G 6,949
Version with only 1 key 1. To [D] all the girls I've loved before who traveled in and [Em] out my
Zarker, 26 / 07, 2019 A Bb D Eb Em Fm 3,936
Chorus [F]Cruel cruel world must I go [A#]on [F]Cruel cruel world I'm movin [C]on [C7] I've been
Tobi, 20 / 09, 2020 A# C C7 F F7 1,912