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It's All over Now, Baby Blue

C Bob Dylan E Vote rhythm
[Tone]Capo [C]4
[G]You must leave now, take what you need, you [F]think will [C]last
But what[G]whatever you wish to keep, you better [F]grab it [C]fast
[Dm]Yonder stands your [F]orphan with his [C]gun
[Dm]Crying like a [F]fire in the [C]sun
[E7]Look out the saints are [F]coming [G]through
And [Dm]it's all over [F]now, Baby [C]Blue.
[G]The highway is for gamblers, better us[F]use your sens[C]sense.
Take wha[G]what you have gathered from coinciden[F]coincidence. [C]
[Dm]The empty-handed pa[F]painter from your [C]streets
[Dm]Is drawing crazy[F]crazy patterns on yo[C]your sheets.
The [E7]sky, too, is folding [F]under [G]you
And [Dm]it's all over [F]now, Baby [C]Blue.
[G]All your seasick sailors, they are rowing[F]rowing home. [C]
Your emp[G]ty handed armies, they're all go[F]ing home[C].
[Dm]The lover who just [F]walked out your [C]door
[Dm]Has taken all his[F]his blankets from [C]the floor.
[E7]The carpet, too, is movi[F]moving unde[G]under you
And [Dm]it's all over [F]now, Baby [C]Blue.
[G]Leave your stepping stones behind, something[F]something calls for [C]you.
Forget t[G]the dead you've left, they will not[F]not follow [C]you.
[Dm]The vagabond who's [F]rapping at your [C]door
[Dm]Is standing in th[F]the clothes that [C]you once wore.
[E7]Strike another match, go[F]go start [G]anew
And [Dm]it's all over [F]now, Baby [C]Blue.
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Updated 2019-09- 1
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