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The Times They Are A Changin'

G Bob Dylan G Vote rhythm
Come [G]gather 'round [Em]people wher[C]wherever you [G]roam
And ad[G]admit that the [Em]waters a[C]around you have [D]grown
And ac[G]accept it that [Em]soon you'll be [C]drenched to the [G]bone
If your [G]time to [Am]you is worth [D]savin'
So you b[D]etter start s[Cadd9]wimming or you'll s[G/B]ink like a s[D/A]tone
For the [G]times, they [C]are a-ch[D]a-chang[G]ang - in'
Come wr[G]iters and c[Em]ritics who p[C]rophecise with your p[G]en
And ke[G]ep your eyes w[Em]ide the cha[C]nce won't come a[D]gain
And don[G]'t speak too s[Em]oon for the whe[C]el's still in s[G]pin
And there's [G]no tellin' w[Am]who that it's n[D]namin'
For the los[D]er now w[Cadd9]ill be lat[G/B]er to wi[D/A]n
For the ti[G]times they [C]are a[D]-c[G]hang-in'
Come [G]senators, cong[Em]congressmen ple[C]please heed [G]the call
Don't [G]stand in the [Em]doorway,[C]doorway, don't block up[D]up the hall
For he[G] that gets hu[Em]rt will be he w[C]ho has stalled [G]
There's [G]a battle[Am]battle outside and [D]it's ragin'
It'll so[D]on shake your[Cadd9] windows and rattle[G/B] your walls [D/A]
For the [G]times they [C]are a-ch[D]a-chang[G]angin'
Come [G]mothers and fa[Em]thers throu[C]ghout the[G] land
And do[G]n't criticize[Em] what yo[C]u don't underst[D]and
Your s[G]sons and your [Em]daughters are b[C]eyond your comma[G]nd
Your old[G] road is[Am] rapidly agin[D]'
Please g[D]et out of the[Cadd9] new one if you can[G/B]'t lend a ha[D/A]nd
For the [G]times they [C]are a-ch[D]a-chang[G]angin'
The l[G]ine it is draw[Em]n the curse[C] it is ca[G]st
The sl[G]slow one n[Em]now will [C]later be fa[D]st
As the[G]the present [Em]now will l[C]ater be p[G]ast
The orde[G]r is rap[Am]idly fad[D]in'
And the [D]first one [Cadd9]now will l[G/B]later be l[D/A]last
For the [G]times they [C]are a-ch[D]a-chang[G]angin'
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Updated 2019-08-25
Views: 2,449 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Bob Dylan Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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