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If I Knew

D Bruno Mars D# Vote rhythm
Capo on 1st fret
Oh Oh[D]Oh I, I was a [A]city boy
Riding to d[G]danger's where
I'd always run, a[Gm]a boy who had his fun
I wouldn't have [D]done
[Bm]All the things that [Em]I've done
If I k[A]knew, one d[D]day you would come
[G]Now baby, [Gm]now baby, [D]now baby
[A]Oh oh [D]I, I know it b[A]breaks your heart
To picture the [G]only you wanna love
In [Gm]somebody's elses arms
But I wouldn't have d[D]done
[Bm]All the things that I[Em]I've done
If I k[A]knew, one d[D]day you would come
[G]Now baby, [Gm]now baby, [D]now baby [D7]
[D]Ohh [Em]baby p[F#]please
Lets leave the past be[Bm]behind us
So that [F#]we can go where love
will [Bm]find us, yeah will find us
I know once [E]girls would leave me
But I k[G]know that you bel[A]believe me
Baby [D]I, I wish we were s[A]seventeen
So I could [G]give you all the innocence
[Gm]That you gave to me
No, I wouldnt have d[D]done
[Bm]All the things th[Em]that I have done
If I kn[A]knew one d[D]day you would come
[G]If I knew [Gm]one day y[D]you would come
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Updated 2019-08-30
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Author: Bruno Mars Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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