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Somewhere In Brooklyn

G Bruno Mars Bb Vote rhythm
Capo 3
She w[G]was covered in leather a[C]and gold
[Am]Twenty one years o[D]old
I l[G]lost her in the [C]cold
It's[Am]It's unfair, she's [D]out there
[G]Somewhere, s[C]somewhere, [Am]somewhere in[D]in Brooklyn
She's [G]somewhere, s[C]somewhere, [Am]somewhere in[D]in Brooklyn
[G]Little miss perfect [C]sitting at the train stop
[Am]Red nike high tops l[D]listening to hip-hop
[G]While we were waiting [C]started conversating
[Am]Before I got her name [D]along came a train
[G](uu[C](uuuuu[Am]uuuuuh) next stop [D]Brooklyn
[G](uu[C]uuu[Am]uuh) now I'm[D] lookin'
She was [G]covered in leather and [C]gold
[Am]twenty one years [D]old
I lost[G]lost her in the c[C]cold
It's [Am]unfair, she's [D]out there
So[G]Somewhere, [C]somewhere,[Am] somewhere in[D] Brooklyn
She's[G]She's somewhere, [C]somewhere,[Am] somewhere in[D] Brooklyn
[G]On the street kickin rocks [C]circling the same block
[Am]Green farm flatbush [D]checking every corner shop
[G]Tappin' people's shoulders [C]askin if they know her
[Am]Everyday's the same [D]back to the train
[G](uu[C]uuu[Am]uuh) next stop[D] Brooklyn
[G](uu[C]uuu[Am]uuh) I'm still[D] lookin'
She was [G]covered in leather and [C]gold
[Am]21 years [D]old
I [G]lost her in the [C]cold
It's u[Am]unfair, she's [D]out there
[G]Somewhere, s[C]omewhere,[Am] somewhere in[D] Brooklyn
She's [G]somewhere, [C]somewhere,[Am]somewhere, somewhere in Brook[D]Brooklyn
[Am]I wonder if we'll e[D]ever meet again
[Am]I wonder we we'll [D]ever meet agai[G]again [C]
Yeah [Am]I wonder if we'll [D]ever meet agai[G]again [C]
[Am]I hope we do [D]somewhere in Brookly[G]Brooklyn
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Updated 2019-08-30
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