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Sad beautiful tragic (Taylor’s version)

[G] [D] [Am] [C]
[G]Long handwritten [D]note, deep in your [Am]pocket [C]
[G]Words, how little they [D]mean, when they're a little too [Am]late [C]
[G]I stood right by the [D]tracks, your face in a [Am]locket [C]
[G]Good girls, hopeful they'll [D]be and lonely will [Am]wait [C]
We [G]had, a [D]beautiful, magic [Am]love there [C]
What a [G]sad, [D]beautiful, tragic [Am]love af[C]affair
[G] [D] [Am] [C]
In [G]dreams, I [D]meet you in long conver[Am]conversation [C]
We both [G]wake in lonely [D]beds, and different [Am]cities [C]
And [G]time is [D]taking it sweet time er[Am]ereasing you [C]
And [G]you've got your demons and [D]darling they all look like[Am]like me [C]
Cause we [G]had, a [D]beautiful, magic [Am]love there [C]
What a [G]sad, [D]beautiful, tragic [Am]love af[C]affair
[G] [D] [Am] [C]
[Am]Distance, timing, b[C]breakdown, fighting
[G]Silence, this train runs [D]off its tracks
[Am]Kiss me, try to fix it, could [C]you just try to listen
[G]Hang up, give up, [D]for the life, of [Am]us we[G] can't g[C]et b[C]ack
A [D]beautiful, magic, [Am]love there [C]
What a [G]sad, [D]beautiful, tragic, [Am]beautiful, tragic, [C]beautiful
Cause we[G] had, a[D] beautiful, magic,[Am] love there [C]
What a [G]sad, [D]beautiful, tragic, [Am]love af[C]affair
We [G]had, a [D]beautiful, magic, [Am]love there [C]
What a [G]sad, [D]beautiful, tragic, [Am]love af[C]affair [G]
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Updated 2021-11-20
Views: 289 Poster: ginxros (Tobi approved)
Author: Taylor Swift Genre: Pop Ballad , Country Favorite: 1
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