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i post taylor swift chords!

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[G] [Em7]Lilac short skirt, the one that fits me like sk[Cadd9]in [G]Did your research, you knew
1989, 20 / 04, 2024 2,561
[C] [C] [C]I am someone who until rec[C/B]ent events You shared your secr[Am]ets with And your
1989, 20 / 04, 2024 4,403
Tone: [C] Capo 2 [C]Drownin' in the Blue Nile He sent me "Downtown Lig[F]hts" I hadn't heard i
1989, 19 / 04, 2024 5,438
[C] This happens once every few [F] lifetimes [C] These chemicals hit me like [F] white wine [C] W
1989, 19 / 04, 2024 2,621
Intro: B Gb Abm E Verse 1: B Gb Did you really beam me up Abm
1989, 19 / 04, 2024 5,176

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