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End Game

tone [C]
Chorus: Taylor Swift & Future
I wanna be your [Fmaj7]end game
I wanna be your [C]first string [G]
I wanna be your [Dm7]A-Team (whoa, whoa, whoa)
I wanna be your [C]end game, end game
Post-Chorus: Taylor Swift & Future
[Dm]Big reputation, big reputation
[Am7]Ooh, you and me, we got [G]big reputations, [Dm]ah
And you heard about me, [C]ooh
I got some [G]big enemies (yeah)
[Dm]Big reputation, big reputation
[Am7]Ooh, you and me would be a [G]big conversation, [Dm]ah (git, git)
And I heard about you, [C]ooh (yeah)
You like the [C/G]bad ones, too
Verse 1: Future
You so [Dm]dope, don't overdose
I’m so stoked, I need a toast
We do the [Am7]most, I'm in the Ghost like I'm whippin’ a [G]boat
I got a [Dm]reputation, girl that don't precede me (yeah)
I'm one [C]call away whenever you [G]need me (yeah)
I'm in a [Dm]G5 (yeah), come to the A-Side (yeah)
I got a [Am7]bad boy persona, that's what they [G]like (what they like)
You love it, [Dm]I love it, too 'cause you my type (you my type)
You [Am7]hold me down, and I protect you with my life
Pre-Chorus: Taylor Swift & Future
I don't wanna [Fmaj7]touch you, I don't wanna be
Just another [C/E]ex-love, you don’t wanna see
I don’t wanna [Dm7]miss you (I don't wanna miss you)
Like the other girls do
[C/E]I don’t wanna [Fmaj7]hurt you, I just wanna be
Drinking on a [C/E]beach with you all over me
I know what they [Dm]all say (I know what they all say)
But I ain't tryna play
(Chorus: Taylor Swift)
Verse 2: Ed Sheeran
Knew her when I was [Dm]young
Reconnected when we were little bit older, both [Am7]sprung
I got issues and chips [G]on both of my shoulders
[Dm]Reputation precedes me, in rumors, I'm knee-deep
The [C]truth is, it's easier to ignore it, believe me
Even [Dm]when we’d argue, we'd not do it for long
And you under[Am7]stand the good and bad end [G]up in the song
For all your [Dm]beautiful traits, and the way you do it with ease
For all my [C]flaws, paranoia, and insecurities
I've made [Dm]mistakes and made some choices, that's hard to deny
After the [Am7]storm, something was [G]born on the 4th of July
I've passed [Dm]days without fun, this end game is the one
With four words on the tip of my tongue, I'll never say it
(Pre-Chorus: Taylor Swift)
(Chorus: Taylor Swift)
(Post-Chorus: Taylor Swift & Future)
Verse 3: Taylor Swift
I hit you like bang, we [Dm]tried to forget it, but we just couldn't
And [Am7]I bury hatchets, but I keep [G]maps of where I put 'em
[Dm]Reputation precedes me, they told you I'm crazy
[C]I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me
And I [Dm]can't let you go, your hand prints on my soul
It's like your [Am7]eyes are liquor, it's like your [G] body is gold
You've been [Dm]calling my bluff on all my usual tricks
So here's the truth from my red lips
(Chorus: Taylor Swift, Future, & Ed Sheeran)
(Chorus: Taylor Swift, Future, & Ed Sheeran)
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Updated 2018-07-22
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