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D Taylor Swift E Vote rhythm
capo 2
tone [D]
Verse 1
[A]Please picture [Em]me in the [D]trees
I hit my [A]peak at seven
[A]Feet in the [Em]swing [D]over the creek
I was [A]too scared to jump in
But [A]I, I was [Em]high in the [D]sky
With [A]Pennsylvania under [A] [Em]me
Are there [D]still beautiful [A]things?
[Em]Sweet tea in the summer
[D]Cross your heart won't tell no other
[G]And though I can’t recall your [A]face
I still got love for you
[A] Your braids like a pattern
[Em]Love you to the moon and to Saturn
[D]Passed down like folk songs
[A]The love lasts so [Em]long,
oh [D] [A] [Em] [D] [G] [A]
[Bm] And I've been meaning to [D]tell you
I think your house is [A]haunted
Your dad is always [D]mad and that must be [Bm]why
And I think you should come [D]live with me
And we could be [A]pirates
Then you won't have to [D]cry
Or hide in the [Bm]closet
And just like a [D]folk song
Our love will be [A]passed [D]on
Verse 2
[A]Please picture [Em]me in the [D]weeds
Before I [A]learned civility
I used to [Em]scream [D]ferociously any [A]time I wanted
[A] [Em] [D] [A]
[A] Sweet tea in the summer
[Em]Cross my heart won’t tell no [D]other
And though I can't recall your [A]face
I still got love for you
[Em]Pack your dolls and a sweater
[D]We'll move to India forever
[G]Passed down like folk songs
[A]Our love lasts so [Bm]long [D] [A] [D]
[Bm] [D] [A] [D] x4
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Updated 2020-07-30
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Author: Taylor Swift Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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