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Still They Ride

C Journey C Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern:
[C]Jesse rides thro[G/B]through the night
[Am]Under the mai[G]main street light
[F]Ridin slow
[C/E] [Eb] [Dm] [C] [G/B]
This ol town, aint the same
[Am]Now nobody knows [G]his name
[F]Times have changed, [C/E]
[C/E]still [Eb] he [Dm] rides.
[C]Traffic lights, keep[G/B]keepin time
[Am]Leading the wild[G]wild and restless
[F]Through the night [C/E]
[G]Still they ride, [Am7]
on wh[Em7]wheels of fire [Em7] [Eb] [Dm]
[Dm]They [G/B]rule the [Am]night
[Fmaj7]Still they ride, t[Em7]the
strong will survive [Em7] [Eb] [Dm]
Chasing thunde[B]thunder [dim]
[C]Spinning round, in a spel[G/B]spell
[Am]Its hard to leave this carro[G]carrousel
[F]round and around
And rou[C/E]round and around
[G]Still they ride, [Am7]
on wh[Em7]wheels of fire [Em7] [Eb] [Dm]
[Dm]They [G/B]rule the
[C]nights [G/B] [Am]
[G] [F] [C/E]
[G] [Am7] [Em7]
[Em7] [Eb] [Dm] [G/B] [Am]
[G]Still they ride, [Am7]
on wh[Em7]wheels of fire [Em7] [Eb] [Dm]
[Dm]They [G/B]rule the [C]night
[Fmaj7]Still they ride, t[Em7]the strong
will survive [Em7] [Eb] [Dm]
Chasing thunde[Bdim]thunder
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Updated 2019-11-27
Views: 176 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Journey Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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