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Stay Awhile

D Journey D Vote rhythm
Tone: [D]
[Dsus2] [Csus2] [G6] [Gm6]
[D] [C] [G] [Gm6]
[G]I'd do [D]anything to [G]hold you.
I'd go [D]anywhere to [G]touch you.
I'd do [D]anything you [G]want me to,
If you'll [C]just [G]stay with [D]me awhile.
[G]I'd sing [D]any song your [G]heart desires.
I would sing out [D]
loud of [G]love's sweet fires.
Oo, I'd do all [D]this and so [G]much more.
If you'll [C]just [G]stay with [D]me awhile.
[D]Reach out your [C]hand,
Oh, [G]to me.
Oh, I'm [D]fallin'
One minute [C]more,
I'm [G]fallin'
I'm [D]fallin'[C]fallin'
[G]Oh,[Gm6]Oh, [D]
[C]Oh,[G]Oh, [Gm6]
Won't you [C]just [G]stay [D]with me awhile?
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Updated 2019-11-27
Views: 290 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Journey Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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