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Send Her My Love

Em Journey Em Vote rhythm
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    Tone: [Em]
    [C] [Em] [C] [Em]
    [C]It's been so long
    [Em]Since I've seen her face
    [C]You say she's [Em]doin' fine
    [C]I still recall [Em]a sad cafe
    [C]How it [Em]hurt so bad to [Bm]see her [C]cry
    [C]I didn't [Em]want to say [Bm]goodbye
    [Em]Send her my [D/F#]love
    [C]Memories rem[Am]remain
    [Em]Send her my [D/F#]love
    [C]Roses never [Am]fade
    [Em]Send her my [D/F#]love [Csus2]
    [C]The same hotel
    [Em]The same old room
    [C]I'm on the [Em]road again
    [C]She needed so much more
    [Em]Than I could give
    [C]We [Em]knew our love could [Bm]not pre[C]pretend
    [C]Broken [Em]hearts can always [Bm]mend
    [Em]Send her my [D/F#]love
    [C]Memories rem[Am]remain
    [Em]Send her my [D/F#]love
    [C]Roses never [Am]fade
    [Em]Send her my [D/F#]love
    [C]Callin' out her name I'm dreamin'
    [Em]Reflections of a face I'm seein'
    [C]It's her voice
    that keeps on [Bm]haunting me
    [Em] [D/F#] [C] [Am]
    [Em] [D/F#] [C] [Am]
    [Em] [D/F#] [C] [Am]
    [Em] [D/F#] [C] [Am]
    [Em] [D/F#] [C] [Am]
    Send her, send her my
    [Em]Love [D/F#] [C] [Am]Roses never
    [Em]fade [D/F#] [C] [Am]Memories re-
    [Em]main [D/F#] [C] S[Am]Send her, send her, my
    [Em]love [D/F#]... [C]


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    Updated 2019-11-27
    Views: 7 Poster: Viet Hoang Le (Viet Hoang Le approved)
    Author: Journey Genre: US-UK , Rock Favorite: 0
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