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E Jeremy Zucker F# Vote rhythm
Capo 2
Verse 1
[E]I've been
W[G#m]Walking down the same tightrope for m[A]miles
And it [B]won't seem [E]to end[E]end [Eadd9] [E]
[E]I've been
W[G#m]Wandering in these circles
And [A]I don't know w[B]where I b[E]began [E] [Eadd9] [E]
M[E]Mary, don't call my n[G#m]name
M[A]Mary, don't call my n[E]name [Emaj7/D#]
M[C#m]Mary, don't call my n[G#m7]name
Or y[A]ou won't see th[B]is face ag[E]ain
[Eadd9] [E] [Eadd9] [E] [G#m] [G#m7] [G#m] [G#m7]
[A] [B6] [B] [A] [E] [Eadd9] [E]
[Eadd9] [E] [Eadd9] [E] [G#m] [G#m7] [G#m] [G#m7]
[A] [B6] [B] [A] [E] [Eadd9] [E]
Verse 2
Y[E]You're still
Cl[G#m]Clinging to these old notions
That [A]I won't be s[B]shit without[E]without you [E] [Eadd9] [E]
[E]I'm still
F[G#m]Falling asleep
When I s[A]said that I'd [B]wait up for[E]for you [E] [Eadd9] [E]
M[E]Mary, don't call my n[G#m]name
M[A]Mary, don't call my n[E]name [Emaj7/D#]
M[C#m]Mary, don't call my n[G#m7]name
Or y[A]you won't see this
Y[G#m/D#]ou won't see th[C#m]is face ag[B6/D#]ain [Emaj7/D#] oo[B6]ohhoo
M[G#m]Mary, don't call my n[A]name
M[A#dim]Mary, don't call my n[A]name [A6] [Amaj7]
[Eadd9] [E] [Eadd9] [E] [G#m] [G#m7] [G#m] [G#m7]
[A] [B6] [B] [A] [E]
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E G#m A B Eadd9 Emaj7/D# C#m G#m7 B6 G#m/D# B6/D# A#dim A6 Amaj7 0

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Updated 2019-09-12
Views: 186 Poster: Bui Nhu Sy (Bui Nhu Sy approved)
Author: Jeremy Zucker Genre: Pop Ballad Favorite: 0
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