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better off

Verse 1
We k[G#m]know that this won't la[B]last
Not like it [E]used to
And[G#m]And I'm okay with [B]that
But not if I [E]lose you
Pre-Chorus 1
I c[G#m]an feel it i[F#]n my bo[B]nes
Sin[E]Sinking deeper in the overflow
Can[G#m] you feel it i[F#]n your[B] soul?
If I'[C#m]I'm honest, maybe we're better [B]off alone[E]alone
(Better off,[G#m]off, better off [F#]alone)
Maybe we're better off alo[E]alone
(Better off,[G#m]off, better off[F#]off alone)
[F#]Maybe we're better off [E] [G#m] [F#]
[F#]Maybe we're better off alone [E] [G#m] [F#]
[F#]Maybe we're better off
Verse 2
I [G#m]won't turn my b[B]back
Now that you want[E]want to
And[G#m]And if there's noth[B]nothing left
Why does it haunt yo[E]you?
Pre-Chorus 2
I ca[G#m]n feel it t[F#]ake con[B]trol
Fall[E]Falling further in the undertow
Can [G#m]you feel it [F#]in your[B]your soul?
If I[C#m]'m honest,
maybe we're be[B]tter off alone[E]
(Better off, [G#m]better off a[F#]alone)
Maybe we're better off alo[E]alone
(Better off, b[G#m]better off al[F#]alone)
[F#]Maybe we're better off [E] [G#m] [F#]
[F#]Maybe we're better off
alone [E] [G#m] [F#]
[F#]Maybe we're better off
I c[G#m]can feel it [F#]in my b[B]bones
R[E]Running circles
'Cause you're all I know
And[G#m]And I feel it [F#]in my s[B]soul
I[E]If I'm honest
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Updated 2019-09-12
Views: 220 Poster: Bui Nhu Sy (Bui Nhu Sy approved)
Author: Chelsea Cutler , Jeremy Zucker Genre: Pop Ballad Favorite: 0
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