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A, A/C#, F#m (x2)
[A]I believe if I'd knew where I was going, I'd [F#m]lose my way.
[A]I believe that the words he told you are[F#m]are not your grave.
[A]I know that we are not [F#m]the weight of all our memories.
[A]I believe in the things that I am [F#m]afraid to see.
[E]Hold [D]on.
[E]Hold [F#m]on.
[A]I believe in the lost possibilities [F#m]you can't see.
[A]I believe that the darkness reminds us wher[F#m]where light can be.
[A]I know that your heart is [F#m]still beating, beating darling.
[A]I believe that you fell so you can be [F#m]next to me.
[E]Hold [D]on.
[E]Hold [F#m]on.
'cause I've [D]been wh[E]where you are [F#m]before,
and I have [D]felt the pain of [E]losing who you [F#m]are,
and I have [D]died so many [E]times but [A]I a[Asus2]m stil[F#m]l al[E]iv[B]e.
A, A/C#, F#m (x2)
[A]I believe that tomorrow is stronger [F#m]than yesterday,
[A]and I believe that your head is the only thing [F#m]in your way.
[A]I wish that you could see [F#m]that your scars are linked to beauty.
[A]I believe that today it's okay to be [F#m]not okay.
[E]Hold o[D]on.
[E]Hold o[F#m]on.
'cause I've [D]been [E]where you are [F#m]before,
and I have [D]felt the pain of [E]losing [F#m]who you are,
and I have [D]died so many time[E]times but [A]I [Asus2]am sti[F#m]ll a[E]li[B]ve.
A, A/C#, F#m (x2)
[A]This is not the end of me,
[F#m]this is the beginning.
(Hold on)
(I am still alive)
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Updated 2019-09-12
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