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[Am] [Gsus] [D9/F#] [Fmaj7/A]
[Am]You're a pretty butterfly and
You keep on passing by
You[D9/F#]You never land inside my hands
Your [Fmaj7/A]home is in the sky
And [Am]there's a lesson waiting to be learned
The fire starters always get the best
And the [D9/F#]good guys never get the girl
And [Fmaj7/A]shooting stars cannot fix the world
And [F]I've made the same mistakes
But I [C]won't [G]this [Fmaj7/A]time
No I [C]won't [G]this [Fmaj7/A]time
[Am] [Gsus] [D9/F#] [Fmaj7/A]
[Am]And you're a pretty butterfly
And I believed all your lies
Blinded by your [D9/F#]sideways smile
And[Fmaj7/A]And kindness in your eyes
But [Am]there's a limit to your flight
I can offer you a better life
But [D9/F#]you keep on flying from the light
And [Fmaj7/A]I've lost my faith in wrong and right
And [F]I've made the same mistakes
But I [C]won't [G]this [Fmaj7/A]time
No I [C]won't[G]won't this [Fmaj7/A]time [Gsus] [Fmaj7/A] [Gsus]
I [C]know exactly what you'll do
I [Am]made damn sure I studied you
You [Fmaj7/A]won't pick me I am just a breeze
Under[G]Underneath your wings
So I [C]pray each night you'll change your mind
And [Am]maybe I am worth the fight
But [Fmaj7/A]I am wrong every time
You [G]only know how to [C]fly [Am] [Fmaj7/A] [G]
You only know how[C]how to fly, whoa [Am]oh
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Updated 2019-09-12
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Author: Christina Perri Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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