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Capo on 4th fret
[Dm] [-] [Am] [-] [E] [-] [Am]
[Dm]Take me backwards
[Am]Turn me around [E]
I cannot find my [Am]balance on the ground
This[F]This world is too heavy
For a f[G]feather falling quickl[Am]quickly
[Dm]And I wrote you a stor[Am]story
But I'm a[E]afraid of how it e[Am]ends
And all my [F]friends are doing w[G]well
And I'm still on the m[Am]mend
[C]I'm going to lay back dow[G]down
Hope the wind takes me aroun[F]around
I gotta find some co[E]courage in this town
[C]Cause nobody's going to s[G]save
Somebody who won't chang[F]change
I tried to be [E]brave
[Dm]And nothing's coming [Am]easy
And all at o[E]once I feel a little [Am]queasy
Oh but if your l[F]love's my remedy
Won't you p[G]please come and be with [Am]me
[Dm]It's not like there's much [Am]better
Nobody's g[E]grass is as green as m[Am]mine
I can't say that I'm [F]satisfied
Three thousand m[G]miles from your kiss g[Am]goodbye
[C]I'm going to lay back d[G]down
Hope the wind takes me a[F]around
I gotta find some c[E]courage in this town
[Dm]And everybody's [C]afraid
Cause ch[Am]chances come from c[F]change
(no chords) C
And everybody's afraid
Cause cha[Am]chances come from b[F]breaking
And c[Am]chances are you're b[F]breaking [E]open
[C]I'm going to lay back [G]down
Hope the wind takes me [F]around
I gotta find some [E]courage in this town
[C]Cause nobody's going to [G]save
Somebody who won't [F]change
It's time to be [E]brave
[Dm] [-] [Am] [-] [E] [-] [Am]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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Author: Christina Perri Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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