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Jar of hearts

1. [Bm] No, I can't take one more [D] step towards you
[A] ‘Cause all that's waiting is [Em] regret
[Bm] And don't you know I'm not your [D] ghost anymore
[A] You lost the love I loved the [G] most.
[Em] I learned to live, [D] half a-[A]live
[Em] And now you [D] want me one more [A] time.
[D] Who do you think you [A] are
Runnin' 'round leaving [Bm] scars
Collecting your jar of [G] hearts
[Gm] And tearing love [D] apart
[D] You're gonna catch a [A] cold
From the ice inside your [Bm] soul
So don't come back for [G] me
[Gm] Who do you think you [D] are?
2. [Bm] I hear you're asking all [D] around
[A] If I am anywhere to be [Em] found
[Bm] But I have grown too [D] strong
[A] To ever fall back in your [G] arms.
[Em] I've learned to live, [D] half a-[A]live
[Em] And now you [D] want me one more [A] time.
[Bm] It took so [F#] long just to [D] feel al-[E]right
[Bm] Remember how to [F#] put back the [D] light in my [E] eyes
I [Bm] wish I had [F#] missed the first [D] time that we [E] kissed
‘Cause [Bm] you broke [F#] all your [D] promises [E]
And [G] now you're back
You don't get to [F#] get me back.
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