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Don't Give Up

G Bruno Mars B Vote rhythm
Capo 4th fret
Verse 1:
[G]When you wanna do[F]do something thats new.
[C] And it seems really[D]really, really hard to do.
[G] You feel like quittin[F]quitting, you feel your through.
[C] Well I have some advice for [D]you
Don't give up[G], Ke[F]ep on t[D#]rying,
[G]Your gonna make it,[F]it, I aint l[D#]lying
dont give up,[G] don[F]'t ever q[D#]uit,
[G]try and try and y[F]you can [D#]do it, dont give up (yeah)
Verse 2:
[G]If you want to c[F]catch a ball, but your ha[C]having no [D]luck at all.
The ball[G]ball hits your head, it [F]hits your nose.
It h[C]hits your belly, your c[D]chin and toes.
Well try[G]try and try and [F]try again, [C]keep on trying an[D]and soon then
You'll put your [G]hands out in[F]in the air,
You'll [C]catch that ball, yes [D]this I swear
Chorus 2:
Dont give up,[G] ke[F]ep on g[D#]oing.
[G]Youre on a boat, so k[F]keep on [D#]rowing
Dont give up[G], d[F]ont ever s[D#]top,
[G]Try and try and you'll come [F]out on t[D#]top, dont give up. [G]
Verse 3:
You g[A#]got yourself new [F]roller-skates.
You p[D#]put them on and [F]you feel great,
St[A#]Stand up, but [F]then you fall,
Do[D#]Dont think you can s[F]skate at all.
You [F]get back up and t[D#]then you trip
You [F]skip and tip and [D#]slip and flip
Well t[F]try and try and [D#]try some more,
And [F]soon your skating across t[D#]the fl[F]floor.
Final Chorus:
Dont give up,[G]up, ke[F]keep on [D#]moving.
Youre gonn[G]a get there just k[F]eep on g[D#]rooving
Dont give up[G], d[F]ont pack it[D#] in,
Try[G]Try and try and y[F]you will [D#]win, dont give up. [G]
N[F]No no no [D#]no, dont give up [G]
[F]No no no [D#]no, dont give up [G]
No [F]no no,[D#]no, dont give up, [G]
no[G]no no[F]no Dont give up [D]
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Updated 2019-08-30
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