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Two Tales

Em Passenger G#m Vote rhythm
Capo 4
[Em] [D] [C] [x2]
[Em]Light up my lanter[D]lantern, I'll cut you a pat[C]path,
[C]We've walked for hours and it's getting dar[Em]dark [D] [C]
[Em]We left the roadsid[D]roadside in search of aid[C]aid,
[C]Wind-screen shattered and tire marks mad[Em]made [C] [D]
[G]I've never seen someo[D]someone bleeding like this[C]this,
[C]Rip off your sleeve and clench your wris[Em]wrist [D] [C]
[Em]I'll light the stove[D]stove and sit by the heart[C]hearth,
[C]Orangey glow light the wintry dar[Em]dark [D] [C]
[Em]We kept her bedroo[D]bedroom exactly the sam[C]same,
[C]Winters they followed and Summers they cam[Em]came [C] [D]
[G]He'd bash around, [D]banging down on the floo[C]floor
[C]I sit alone with an eye on the doo[Em]door [D] [C]
[Bridge] - Strumming (Personal Preference)
[G]Stop in this clearing[D]clearing, we'll stay here tonigh[C]tonight
[C]Press up against me,[Em]me, I'll hold you so tigh[D]tight
[D]I got these matches,[C]matches, we'll let off some smok[G]smoke
[G]Maybe they'll see us[D]us and maybe they won'[C]won't
[C]Blanket of leaves hi[Em]hide the light from the star[D]stars,
[D]I'll lie awake list[C]listening out for car[Em]cars [D] [C]
[Em]He stares through curtai[D]curtains when he talks to the nigh[C]night,
[C]I sit and listen for tires on the driv[Em]drive [D] [C]
[Em]I keep on waiting and[D]and he keeps on talkin[C]talking
[C]Just stop him talking, please stop him talkin[Em]talking [C] [D]
[Outro] - Just strum downwards here no upward strums
[G] [D] No, give me silenc[C]silence
[Em] G[D]Give me silence, [C]
[G] [D]Give me silence[C]silence
[C]Oh, [D]no... [Em]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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