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A Kindly Reminder

C Passenger C Vote rhythm
[C] [F] [C] [Am] [F] [C]
Well I h[C]eard all about your tr[F]avel b[C]an
Just for c[Am]ountries that don't fit your b[F]usiness pl[C]an
But how c[C]an you decide who cann[F]ot and who c[C]an
You're the pr[F]esident n[C]ow, not a b[G]usiness m[C]an
And I h[C]eard you say climate ch[F]ange isn't r[C]eal
But that's n[Am]ot how the world's leading sc[F]ientists f[C]eel
So go b[C]ury your head in the s[F]and if you w[C]ill
But the w[F]aters are r[C]ising around C[G]apitol H[C]ill
With [G]4 years in front and only [F]3 weeks beh[C]behind you
You've s[G]somehow already managed to [F]upset Ch[C]China
And if [G]I could offer a k[F]kindly rem[C]reminder
It's not [G]OK to grab women [F]by the vag[C]vagina
And m[C]aybe it's 'cause your h[F]ands are so sm[C]all
That's wh[Am]y you have to build such a b[F]ig fucking w[C]all
Yeah you pr[C]omised it wide and you pr[F]omised it t[C]all
Now you're w[F]anting the M[C]exicans to p[G]ay for it [C]all
And you s[G]ay that you'll make Am[F]erica gr[C]eat
But I f[G]ear that we're in for a l[F]ong fucking w[C]ait
'Cause you're c[G]carving divides through [F]every st[C]state
And you're f[G]illing up hearts with f[F]ear and h[C]ate
[C] [F] [C] [Am] [F] [C] [C] [F] [C] [Am] [F] [C]
And I kn[C]ow this song won't ch[F]ange your th[C]oughts
We more l[Am]likely to see your t[F]tax reports [C]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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Author: Passenger Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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