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The Last Unicorn

G Passenger D# Vote rhythm
Capo on 8th fret
[G]ddududdu ddu d[D]dd [C]
[G] [D] [C] [(x2)]
[G]Well we'll kiss for that's how it beg[D]begins [C]
[G]We'll embrace just to warm our skins[D]skins [C]
[Em]I'll think of her and you'll th[D]think of h[C]him [G] [C] [G]
[G]And we'll talk to keep the sil[D]silence from our e[C]ears
[G]And we'll laugh because we're so cl[D]close to t[C]tears
[Em]We're just lonely, you know, th[D]that's why we're h[C]here [G] [C] [G]
[Em]Cos you don't ta[C]taste like you sh[G]should
[Em]And you don't fit in my a[C]arms like she w[D]would
[Em]Lying in the da[C]dark, it's under[D]understood
We are both l[Em]lost [C] [D]
And we won't be found[G]found [C] [G]
[G]We will wake up with each o[D]other in our po[C]pores
[G]You cover over white bits like I've not se[D]seen them be[C]before
[Em]We'll say goodbye and then we[D]we'll say no m[C]more
[Em]Cause hearts won't buy lo[C]love and nor will they se[G]sell
[Em]And there is no lo[C]love in this ho[D]hotel
[Em]Though we're walking ho[C]home we know too we[D]well
We are both lo[Em]lost [C] [D]
We are both lo[Em]lost [C] [D]
And we won't be found[Am]found
[Am]She was my compass
He was your map
We've come too far to be turnin[D]turning back
[G]And we'll sit on our si[D]single be[C]beds
[G]Nothing on our hearts and te[D]tears on our th[C]threads
[Em]For we know the last unic[D]unicorn is de[C]dead
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Updated 2019-08-29
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