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Em Passenger Cm Vote rhythm
Capo on 8th fret
[Em] [G7] [Am7] [Cadd9]
Well, [Em]we watched the starlings f[G7]fly,
[Am7]Around the burnt-down pi[Cadd9]pier, and I
[Em]Spilled my cof[G7]coffee on my slee[Am7]sleeve, [Cadd9]
[Em]She wiped it with a smil[G7]smile,
[Am7]And told me I was juv[Cadd9]juvenile,
[Em]And kissed me[G7]me softly on my che[Am7]cheek [Cadd9]
And her [Em]hair danced in the bree[Am7]breeze,
Like a [Cadd9]thousand swinging tree[G7]trees,
In a [Em]forest lying [Am7]next to stormy se[G7]seas
Well, [Em]we watched the wintry s[G7]sky,
[Am7]Turn a shade of tur[Cadd9]turquoise, I,
[Em]Whispered soft[G7]softly, "I feel los[Am7]lost, " [Cadd9]
She [Em]turned with laughing eye[G7]eyes,
[Am7]And curled her lips to[Cadd9]towards the sky,
And said,[Em] "get your map o[G7]ut, then, you knob[Am7]!" [Cadd9]
[Em]And we laughed like a pair of fo[Am7]fools,
Like [Cadd9]kids, they laugh at scho[G7]school,
And [Em]we wandered home b[Am7]before the day brought dusk [G7]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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