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Start A Fire

Am John Legend Bbm Vote rhythm
[Tone]Capo [Am]on 1st fret
I don’t k[C]know why I [G]keep moving[Am]moving my body
I don’t k[C]now if thi[G]s is wrong or if i[Am]t’s right
I don’t k[C]know if there’s [G]
a beat, or something’s ta[Am]taking over me
And I jus[F]just know I’ll [G]feel so good toni[Am]tonight
I don’t k[C]now what y[G]our name is but[Am] I like it
I’ve been[C]been thinking [G]‘bout some [Am]things I wanna try
I don’t k[C]now what you came[G] to
do, but[Am] I wanna do it with you
And I jus[F]t know I’ll f[G]eel so good[Am] tonight
Oh, i[F]if we [G]keep on[F]on dancing [D7]
[F]Take our [G]rhythm to [D7]new hei[E7]heights
[F]Feel the he[G]at of p[F]assion, b[D7]aby
[F] Light[G]Light up the n[D7]night [E7]
We could start a fir[Am]fire
Come on, [D7]let it burn baby
We could start a fir[Am]fire
Let the t[D7]tables turn baby
We could start a fir[Am]fire
[F]I just k[G]now I f[F]eel so go[D7]od
[F]Don’t you [G]know I [D7]feel so g[E7]good
[F]I just [G]know I f[F]feel so go[D7]good
[F]Tonight[G]Tonight [D7] [E7]
I don’t c[C]are if this t[G]uns into a r[Am]iot
Lets get re[C]ckless, tear
this p[G]lace down to the f[Am]loor
Turn the mu[C]music way up lo[G]loud
Can’t nobo[Am]nobody stop us now
I just [F]know I f[G]feel so good toni[D7]tonight
I just [F]know I f[G]feel so good toni[D7]tonight [E7]
We could start a fi[Am]fire
Come on, let it bu[D7]burn baby
We could start a f[Am]fire
Let the tables tu[D7]turn baby
We could start a fi[Am]fire [G] [E7]
I just [F]know I f[G]feel so go[Am]good
Don’t you [F]know I f[G]feel so goo[Am]good
Don’t you k[F]know, don’t you [G]know?
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Updated 2019-08-29
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Author: John Legend Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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