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Say You Wont Let Go

G James Arthur Bb Vote rhythm
G Dsus4 Em C
I[G]I met you in the dark [Dsus4]You lit me up
[Em]You made me feel as though [C]I was enough
W[G]We danced the night away [Dsus4]We drank too much
[Em] I held your hair back when You [C]were throwing up
[G] Then you smiled over your shoulder [Dsus4]For a minute, I was stone cold sober
[Em] I pulled you closer to my che[C]chest
[G] And you asked me to stay over [Dsus4]I said, I already told ya
[Em] I think that you should get some [C]rest
[G] I knew I loved you then [Dsus4]But you'd never know
[Em] Cause I played it cool when I was [C]scared of letting go
[G] I know I needed you [Dsus4]But I never showed
[Em] But I wanna stay with you Unt[C]Until we're grey and old
Just [G]say you won't let [Dsus4]go Just say [Em]you won't let go [C]
[G] I wake you up with some [Dsus4]breakfast in bed
[Em] I'll bring you coffee with [C]A kiss on your head
[G] And I'll take the kids to school [Dsus4]Wave them goodbye
[Em] And I'll thank my lucky stars for [C]that night
[G] When you looked over your shoulder [Dsus4]For a minute, I forget that I'm older
[Em] I wanna dance with you right [C]now, oh
And y[G]you look as beautiful as ever [Dsus4]And I swear that everyday you'll get better
[Em] You make me feel this way some[C]somehow
[G] I'm so in love with you [Dsus4]And I hope you know
[Em] Darling your love is more than [C]worth its weight in gold
[G] We've come so far my dear [Dsus4]Look how we've grown
[Em] And I wanna stay with you Unt[C]Until we're grey and old
Just [G]say you won't let [Dsus4]go Just say [Em]you won't let go [C]
[G] I wanna live with you [Dsus4]Even when we're ghosts
[Em] Cause you were always there for me when [C]I needed you most
[G] I'm gonna love you till [Dsus4]My lungs give out
[Em] I promise till death we part [C]Like in our vows
[G] So I wrote this song for you [Dsus4]Now everybody knows
[Em] Cause it's just you and me Unt[C]Until we're grey and old
Just [G]say you won't let g[Dsus4]go Just say [Em]you won't let go [C]
Just [G]say you won't let go [Dsus4]Oh, just say you [Em]won't let go [C]
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Updated 2019-08-21
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