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The Greatest Showman Reimagined - Rewrite The Stars

Tone: [G]
Capo: 3
You [G]know I want [Gmaj7]you
It's [G]not a secret I try to [Gmaj7]hide
[G]You know you want [Gmaj7]me
So [G]don't keep saying our [Gmaj7]hands are tied
[D]You claim it's not in the [Em7]cards
And faith is pulling you miles [C]away
And out of a reach from [D]me
But you're hearing my [Em7]heart
So who can stop me if [C]I decide it's on my destiny?
What if we [Em7]rewrite the [C]stars?
Say you were [G]made to be [D]mine
Nothing could [Em7]keep us a[C]apart
You'll be the [G]one I was meant to [D]find
It's up to [Em7]you, and it's up to [C]me
No one could [G]say what we get to [D]be
So why don't we [Em7]rewrite the [C]stars?
And maybe the [G]world could be [D]ours to[Em7]tonight [C] [G] [D]
[G]You think it's [Gmaj7]easy
You [G]think I don't wanna [Gmaj7]grow onto you, yeah
[G]But there are mountain[Gmaj7]mountains (But there are mountains)
[G]And there are doors that we can't [Gmaj7]walk through
I [D]know you're wondering [Em7]why
Because we're able to [C]be
just you and me within these [D]walls
But when we go [Em7]outside
You're gonna wake up and [C]see
that it was hopeless after all
No one can [Em7]rewrite the [C]stars (Rewrite the stars)
How can you [G]say you'll be [D]mine?
Everything [Em7]keeps us a[C]apart
And I'm not the [G]one you were meant to [D]find
(I'm not the one you were meant to find)
It's not up to [Em7]you, it's not up to [C]me, yeah
When everyone [G]tells us what we
can [D]be (Tells us what we can)
And [N.C.]how can we [Em7]rewrite the [C]stars?
Say that the [G]world can be [D]ours to[Em7]tonight (Be ours)
All I want is to [C]fly with [G]you
All I want is to [D]fall with [Em7]you
So just give me [G/B]all of [C]you
It feels impossible
It's not impossible
Is it impossible?
Say that it's possible
And how do we [Em7]rewrite the [C]stars?
Say you were [G]made to be [D]mine
And nothing can [Em7]keep us a[C]apart
'Cause you are the [G]one I was meant to [D]find
It's up to [Em7]you, and it's up to [C]me
No one could [G]say what we get to [D]be
And why don't we [Em7]rewrite the [C]stars?
Changing the [G]world to be [D]ours [Em7] [C] [G] [D]
[Em7]You know I want you [C] [G]
It's not a secret I [Csus4]try to hide
[Em7]But I can't have you [C] [G]
We're bound to break and my hands are tied
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Updated 2019-11-11
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Author: James Arthur Genre: US-UK Favorite: 2
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