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The Chainsmokers

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(Verse 1) I've been [A]reading books of [G]old, the [A]legends and the [Bm]myths [A]Achilles and h
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 03, 2017 A Bm D/f# G 35,586
<Verse 1> [F]I'll tell you a [Am]story before [G]it tells [C]itself I'll [F]lay out all my [Am]
Chord Imperfect, 22 / 09, 2018 Am C C/E F G 8,480
(Verse1) We were staying in [F]Paris To get away from your [Am]parents and I thought, wow If I co
Chord Imperfect, 15 / 01, 2017 Am Em Em7 F G 7,921
[C]Crashing, [G]hit a wall [D]Right now [Em]I need a miracle [C]Hurry up now, [G]I need a miracl
Tobi, 22 / 06, 2019 C D Em G 7,018
[Intro] Am F C Em Your heart for takeaway yeah yeah
Tobi, 11 / 03, 2020 Am C Em F G 5,567
Verse 1: [C] Fighting flames [F] of fire [Am] Hang onto burning wires [C] We don’t care [F] [Am]
Zarker, 10 / 08, 2019 Am C F G 4,838
1. [C] Hey, [D] I was doing just [Em] fine just before I met you [D] I drank too [C] much and that'
Zarker, 8 / 08, 2019 C D Em 4,423
[Intro] D Em C G [Verse1] D Em I know water's that thicker than blood
Tobi, 11 / 03, 2020 C D Em G 3,805
(Verse 1) [Em] I'm from the [Bm]east side of America, where we choose pride over character [Em]
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 02, 2018 A Bm D E5/B Em F# G 3,501
Verse 1 [A] I don't really [D]say this [C#m]that [F#m]often [D] [A] But there's somethin' that t
Chord Imperfect, 20 / 02, 2018 A Bm C#m D E F#m 3,490