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You’re losing me

C Taylor Swift Am Vote rhythm
Capo: None
(Verse 1)
[C]You say: I don't understand, [Dm]and I say: I know
you don't[Am] [F]
[F]We thought a cure would come [Dm]through in time, now,
I fear it won't [Am] [F]
[C]Remember looking at this [Dm]room, we loved it 'cause
of the [Am]light[F]
[C]Now I just sit in the dark [Dm]and wonder if it's
time[Am] [F]
Do I [G]throw out every[Am]thing we built or [F]keep it?
I'm [G]getting [Am]tired, even for a [F]phoenix
Always rising from the [G]ashes
Mending all her [Am]gashes
You might just have [F]dealt the final blow
[Am]Stop, [F]you're losing me
[G]Stop, [C]you're losing me
[Am]Stop,[F] you're losing me
I can't find a pulse
[C]My heart won't start anymore [Am]for[F] you[G]
[C]'Cause you're losing me[Am] [F] [G]
(Verse 2)
[C]Every morning, I [Dm]glared at you with storms in my
[C]How can you say that you [Dm]love someone you can't
tell is [Am]dying?[F]
[C]I sent you signals and bit [Dm]my nails down to the
[C]My face was gray, but you [Dm]wouldn't admit that we
were [Am]sick[F]
And the [G]air is thick with [Am]loss and inde[F]cision
I [G]know my pain is [Am]such an impo[F]sition
Now, you're running down the [G]hallway
And you know what they [Am]all say
You don't know what you [F]got until it's gone
Stop, you're losing me
Stop, you're losing me
Stop, you're losing me
I can't find a pulse
[C]My heart won't start anymore [Am]for [F]you[G]
[C]'Cause you're losing me[Am]
[F]'Cause you're losing me[G]
Stop [C](stop)
'Cause you're losing me
[Am]My heart won't start [F]
anymore (stop, 'cause you're losing me)
[G]My heart won't start [C]anymore
(stop, 'cause you're losing me)
[C]How long could we be a [G]sad song?
Till we were [Am]too far [G]gone to bring [F]back to life?
I gave you all my [C]best me's, my endless [G]empathy
And all I [Am]did was [G]bleed as I [F]tried to be the
bravest soldier
[G]Fighting in only your army, [Am]frontlines, don't you
ignore me
[F]I'm the best thing at this party (you're losing me)
[G]And I wouldn't marry me either
[Am]A pathological people pleaser
[F]Who only wanted you to see her
And I'm fading, thinking
[Am]Do something, babe, [F]say something
(say something)
[G]Lose something, babe, risk [C]something
(you're losing me)
[Am]Choose something, babe, I got [F]nothing
(I got nothing)
To [G]believe, [C]unless you're choosing [Am]me
You're losing me
[Am]Stop (stop, stop), [F]you're losing me
[G]Stop (stop, stop), [C]you're losing me
I can't find a pulse, my heart won't start anymore
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Updated 2023-05-29
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