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Midsummer Madness

Tone: [A]
Chorus: Joji
[Dmaj7]Last night I lost all my patience
[Amaj7]You were fucked up, I was wasted
[Dmaj7]Midsummer madness
I can't take it no [Amaj7]more, no more
Fuck the [Dmaj7]ru-u-u-ules
Fuck the [Dmaj7]ru-u-u-ules
Verse 1: AUGUST08
Make it make sense
Make it make sense, I
[A]Can't hide a heart in a black tint, I
You were off the bullshit and the tablets
Under 21, both savage
[Dmaj7]All these blurry nights feel the same to me
Heart full of hate, no vacancy
[A]Only one you gon' to blame when it's over
Can't look me in my eyes when you sober
[Dmaj7]Hey, I'm the one you call when you feel alone
Running up a check just to help you cope
[A]I just want to live in the moment
You just want to fight cause you lonely
[Dmaj7]Tryna see a Milly then be really up
Rockstar crash in my Bentley truck
[A]You need all my love
You've got all the love
Chorus: Joji
[Dmaj7]Last night I lost all my patience
[Amaj7]You were fucked up, I was wasted
[Dmaj7]Midsummer madness
I can't take it no [Amaj7]more, no more
Fuck the [Dmaj7]ru-u-u-ules
Fuck the [Dmaj7]ru-u-u-ules
Verse 2: Rich Brian
Eh, uh, eh, eh, uh
[Dmaj7]Been a minute since I
heard you wanna stay as friends
I learned from my mistakes,
you made me want to learn again
[A]I don't really see the
problem, it's a risk I wanna take
You say let's see where it goes
but I don't really wanna wait
Ay, [Dmaj7]look and listen up
You've been smiling when we fuck
Let's not even think about
it we ain't gotta talk a lot
[A]Make it hotter than the summer,
I'll stay with you when it's not
Put the slow jam's on, I
wanna see you make it pop, ay
[Dmaj7]Moving all around the bed
like we just toss and turn, ay
Playin' with the fire, I
don't care if I get burned, ay
[A]I'ma treat you good like you've
been waiting for your turn, ay
Nothing in the universe feel
better than your tongue, ay
[Dmaj7]Bouta go home I know you finna come with
I'm playing these games
like a pimp on the strip
[A]Conversations late night
about how we gonna live
I don't got the answer to
it, all I finna say is..
Chorus: Joji
Fuck the [Dmaj7]ru-u-u-ules
[Dmaj7]Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Verse 3: Dzknow
當光灑進了 white[Dmaj7]white Porsche
I never felt so good
Call me DJ [Amaj7]Knowknow, oh-oh no
Fuck the [Dmaj7]rules
距離不是問題, I know
[Amaj7]She lookin' so pretty, I wanted a kiss
把beautiful memories 存入我的iPhone X
I, I,I h[Dmaj7]hope 24 can become 48
看日落 粉的天 有藍月亮陪
想要擁抱[Amaj7]想要擁抱 我需要前給
Sunny gone, I don't care,
you're my sunshine babe
Outro: Joji
[Cmaj7]I don't feel control
Better on my [Gmaj7]own
I'm used to being so gone for way too [Cmaj7]long
[Dmaj7]Rules, rules, [Amaj7]rules
[Dmaj7]Rules, rules, [Amaj7]rules
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Updated 2022-01-24
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Author: 88RISING , AUGUST 08 , Higher Brothers , Joji , Rich Brian Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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