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A Song About Being Sad

Tone: [F]
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern:
[Gm7b5] [Fmaj7] [Gm7b5] [Fmaj7]
Verse 1
Always f[Fmaj7]felt like I needed to p[F9]please her, or impress her
Th[Bbmaj7]Though only in the hope that one day I would u[Gm7b5]undress her
[Fmaj7]Don't be offended
You t[F9]think I'm 'bout to tell you that "I l[Bbmaj7]love you"
But I really really really fucking d[Gm7b5]don't
See[Fmaj7]See the months of obsession
And cr[C]crying for [Dbdim7]hours
I e[Dm7]ven started s[Dbm7]itting d[Cm7]own in the s[F9]hower,[Bbmaj7] girl
I'll take my time on my[C13]my own
And I'll be f[C7]fine now I'm alone [Fmaj7] [Gm7b5] [Fmaj7]
Verse 2
C[Gm7b5]onstantl[Fmaj7]y told stories with a str[F9]etch of the truth
Trying [Bbmaj7]hard to[Amaj7]to make [Bbmaj7]memories to[Amaj7]to re - [Bbmaj7]member from y[Gm7b5]outh
De[Fmaj7]Desperately wanting you to be i[F9]interested too
It's not c[Bbmaj7]clear what I need yet
But it's clear it's [Gm7b5]not you
Here's what I'd s[Fmaj7]ay to any
young man that's st[C]ill interest[Dbdim7]ed in you
[Dm7] Do you prioritise the things in your life [Dbm7]
The t[Cm7]things that you hope to[F9]to do [Bbmaj7]
Cause if not then
Mate you'd better trust me when I tell you tha[C13]that
It's not worth forgetting about yourself[C7]yourself
Because of one fucking girl
[Fmaj7]She may seem perfect, and go[C]gorgeous, and l[Dbdim7]lovely
[Dm7]You'll think she likes you
[Dbm7]I mean I [Cm7]thought she lo[F9]loved me, no
But n[Bbmaj7]no
Neither of us will get down from the [C13]shelf
The only one she loves is he[C7]herself
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Updated 2021-01-31
Views: 102 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Rex Orange County Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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