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Tone: [C]
Capo: 1
[Cmaj7] Ooh-ooh[C7]Ooh-ooh, ooh [Fmaj7] (Yeah)
[Cmaj7] Ooh, ooh-ooh,[C7]ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh[Fmaj7]ooh-ooh
(Verse 1)
It’s [Cmaj7]hard to make yourself believe
That i[Fmaj7]it’ll get better when you fee[F#dim]you feel defeated
And [Cmaj7]carrying on is easier said than do[Fmaj7]done
It took a [Cmaj7]while to see that I was in need
Of [Fmaj7]help from somebody els[F#dim]else but she keeps
Remi[Cmaj7]Reminding me that I’m not the only one[Fmaj7]one
And babe,[E7]babe, I woulda told you this was gonna h[F]happen
If I had known that it [Cmaj7]would
But now there’s [Fmaj7]less time
and more things that I [E7]need to say[Fmaj7]say
And I’m afraid
That there will [Cmaj7]always be a p[C7]part of me that’s ho[Fmaj7]holding on
And [F#dim7]still believes that eve[G]everything is fine
And that I’m [G7]living a normal life
But [Cmaj7]until somebody sit[C7]sits me down
And [Fmaj7]tells me that I’m dif[F#dim]different now
I’ll [Fmaj7]always be the [G]way I alway[Cmaj7]always am
Oh, oh
[Cmaj7] Ooh-ooh[C7]Ooh-ooh, ooh [Fmaj7] (Yeah)
[Cmaj7] Ooh, ooh-ooh,[C7]ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh[Fmaj7]ooh-ooh
(Verse 2)
My ap[Cmaj7]apologies, it’s such a shame
I [Fmaj7]never planned to fee[F#dim]feel this way
But the m[Cmaj7]ore that I try, the more I’m[E] seeing a diff[Fmaj7]erence
I’m not gonna lie
And now I get to [Dm7]sit down
[G] And I’m happy to[Cmaj7]to admit now, I’m on m[Fmaj7]my way
It seems I’m not [Dm7]invincible
[G] But I’m bored of the[Cmaj7]the pain and I need to explain
Yeah, there will[Cmaj7]will always be a[C7]a part of me that’s [Fmaj7]holding on
And [F#dim]still believes that ev[G]everything is fine
And that I’m [G7]living a normal life
But [Cmaj7]until somebody si[C7]sits me down
And [Fmaj7]tells me why I’m d[F#dim]different now
I’ll [Fmaj7]always be th[G7]the way I always [Cmaj7]am
yeah, yeah, ah[Cmaj7]ah-hah [C7] [Fmaj7] [F#dim] [Fmaj7] [G] [Cmaj7]
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Updated 2020-05-27
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Author: Rex Orange County Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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