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Pluto Projector

Verse 1
[C]The great protector
Is that what I'm supposed to [Em7]be?
What if [Fmaj7]all this counts for nothing
Everything…I…thought I'd b[F#m7b5]be?
What…if b[G7]by the time I realize
It's…too [G7sus4]far behind to s[G7]see?
[C]Seventy-mil projector
I can show you everyth[Em7]everything, yeah
And we're [Fmaj7]on our way to glory
Where the show won't ever [F#m7b5]end
And the [G7]encore lasts forever
And it's [G7sus4]time we're due to [G7]spend
[Fmaj9] [FmMaj9]
Verse 2
[C]Spending the years together
Growing older every [Em7]day (Every day)
I feel at [Fmaj7]home when I'm around you
And I'll gladly say a[F#m7b5]again
I hope the [G7]encore lasts forever
Now there's [G7sus4]time for us to [G7]spend [Fmaj9]
And it's sublime with you, my friend
[C]This right here still feels like a honeymoon
When you say my [Em7]name, nothing's changed
I'm still a boy inside my [Fmaj7]thoughts
Am I meant to [F#m7b5]understand my [G7]faults?
I don't think so[C]so
I don't think I'm meant to understand m[Em7]myself
[E7sus2]Maybe you [Fmaj7]do
And that's good for you
[F#m7b5]Maybe in [G7]time
Maybe one [G7sus4]day
[G7]I'll do the s[C]same
ooo OOO [Em7]ooo
(play verse chords for Ooos)...
(I'll do the [G7]same
I'll do the [G7sus4]same
[G7]I'll do the
[Fmaj7]same... [Em7] [Dm7] [D7]
[Gm7] [F#maj7] [Fmaj7]
I'll do the [Fmaj7]same as you
I'll try and [Em7]hold it up
Soon I [Dm7]hope
Or as soon as [D7]I'm
old enough [Gm7] [Gbmaj7] [Fmaj7]
[Bb] [D7/A] [Gm] [G]
[Cm](Old enough to [B]underst[Bb]understand)
[Bb] [D7/A] [Gm] [G]
[Cm] [B]
[Bb](Old enough to und[Bb]understa[D7/A]erstand) [Gm] [G]
[Cm] [B] [Bb]
[Bb] [D7/A] [Gm] [G] [Cm] [B] [Bb]
[Cm] [B] [Bb] [Cm] [B]
[Bb]Stay forever, you know more than any[Dm7]anyone ([Dm7b5](Yeah, whoa)
And it's [Cm7]you that knows my darkness
And you know my bedroom needs
You could [Bbmaj7]blast me and my secrets
Because there's probably just no [Bb7]need
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Updated 2021-01- 9
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Author: Rex Orange County Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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