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C Joji D Vote rhythm
Capo 2
[C]Girl, would it kill you just to
[Fmaj7]throw a little bit of [C]attention? [Fmaj7]
[C]If I hurt you, I'm [Fmaj7]
afraid god's gonna teach me a [G]lesson [G]
[C]Now would you hate me if I [Fmaj7]said good bye
So [C]quick you could eat my [Fmaj7]dust?
[C]Now would you hate me if I [Fmaj7]ran like hell
In the [C]wind from dawn 'til [G]dusk?
When you [C]cry, you waste your [Fmaj7]time
Over [C]boys you never [Fmaj7]liked
Can you not [C]be so [Fmaj7]obvious?
So keep it [G]light
So keep it [G]light
No, [C]I thought I'd vocalized my [Fmaj7]troubles
But nobody will [C]listen, hm [Fmaj7]
[C]I know I'm cryptic, and I'm [Fmaj7]weird
That shit comes off as indiffrent [G] [G]
[C]I don't wanna die so [Fmaj7]young
[C]Got so much to [Fmaj7]do
[C]I don't smile for the [Fmaj7]camera
[C]Only smile for [G]you
Smile for [C]you
Now would you hate me if I [Fmaj7]said goodbye
So [C]quick you could eat my [Fmaj7]dust?
[C]Now would you hate me if I [Fmaj7]ran like hell
In the wind [C]from dawn 'til [G]dusk?
When you [C]cry, you waste your [Fmaj7]time
Over [C]boys you never [Fmaj7]liked
Can you not? [C] [G] [C]
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Updated 2020-10- 4
Views: 118 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Joji Genre: R&B & Soul Favorite: 0
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