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The way that I love you

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capo 1
[C] [Em7] [Dm7] [G7]x2
Verse 1
[C]How many [Em7]times can I tell [Dm7]you
You're [G7]lovely just the way you are?
[C]Don't let the [Em7]world come and [Dm7]change you
[G7]Don't let life break your [Am]heart
Don't put on their [Em7]mask, don't wear their [Dm7]disguise
Don't let them dim the [G7]light that shines in your [C]eyes
If only you could [Am]love yourself the [Dm7]way, that [G7]I love you
[C] [Em7] [Dm7] [G7]x2
Verse 2
[C]How many [Em7]times can I [Dm7]say
[G7]You don't have to change a thing?
[C]Don't let the [Em7]tide wash you [Dm7]away
Don't let [G7]worry ever clip your [Am]wings
Discard what is [Em7]fake, keep what is [Dm7]real
Pursue what you [G7]love, embrace how you [C]feel
If only you could [Am]love yourself the [Dm7]way that [G7]I love you [C]
[F]And if you [E7]ever choose a [Am]road that leads [D7]nowhere
All [Dm7]alone and you [G]can't see right from [C]wrong
[F]And if you [E7]ever lose [Am]yourself out [D7]there
[Dm7]Come on home
And I'll sing you this [G]song
[C]So how many [Em7]times can I [Dm7]tell you
You're [G7]lovely just the way you are?
[C]Don't let the [Em7]world come and [Dm7]change you
[G7]Don't let life break your [C]heart
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Updated 2020-07-30
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