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Cross The Line

F John Legend F Vote rhythm
Tone [F]
[F]Only just a fr[C/E]iend the l[Dm]ove story b[Am]egins
[Bb]Now here's a happy e[C]ending to believe [F]in
[F]you're always there [C/E]for me, now you're with [Dm]me in dr[Am]dreams
[Bb]It's got me wondering [C]if you ever dream of [F]me
[Bb]I don't wanna r[C]risk losing e[Dm]everything
[Bb]but I'll take the ch[C]chance and tell you w[Dm]what I'm thinking
[F]Girl, you've been my be[C/E]best friend
[Dm]Can we put this to b[Am]bed then
[Bb]Tonight's the night to [C]cross the line
[F]Baby won't you be mine
[F]Not just my [C/E]home girl
[Dm]Time that I take you h[Am]home girl
[Bb]Tonight's the night to [C]cross the line
[F]Let me love you tonight.
I ... I ... I ... "
[F]Kiss (kiss) ki[C/E]kiss (kiss) [Dm]kiss me on my [Am]lips
[Bb]We've been dancin round the m[C]moment now we're d[F]doin it
[F]Then breathe (breathe) [C/E]breathe (breathe) a s[Dm]sigh of sweet r[Am]relief
[Bb]We been holding it so [C]long the wait was k[F]killing me
[Bb]Oh and we oh and [C]we have been w[Dm]waiting for
[Bb]So baby open your [C]mind while I c[Dm]close the door
[Bb]Don't let this m[C]moment s[Dm]slip away
[Bb]Cause we'll never kn[C]know unless we t[Dm]try it someday
[Bb]If you're [C]ready I'm [Dm]so ready
[Bb]Tonight's the night
[C]Tonight's the night

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Tobi 1 weeks ago
F C/E Dm Am Bb C 0

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Updated 2020-03-14
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Author: John Legend Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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